A Letter to Mr. Ali Khamenei

41 years ago, in November 1977, the Egyptian President Sadat's visited Israel. According to Wikipedia, It was a historic event that brought about a turning point in Israeli-Egyptian relations and opened a new era in the history of the Middle East. Sadat spoke in the Knesset plenum and met with all the Knesset factions. Through Sadat's visit, Sadat embarked on a process of peace with Israel, culminating in the signing of the Camp David Accords, which paved the way for the signing of the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt. Sadat, together with Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin, his partner in the process, won the Nobel Peace Prize.

I remember this event clearly. I was 17 years old then. My high school principal, Uri Ornan, gathered us and asked us what is our opinion on this event. Should we bless it or condemn it in our high school newspaper. Like many other Israelis, we were suspicious, concerning Sadat's motives for his dramatic move. Nevertheless, we blessed it. And we were right to do so because the peace with Egypt is solid. It is a cold stare of peace. Israelis are still not welcomed in Egypt. But the cooperation between the two countries is beneficial for both parties.

Iran and Israel are now in a state of war. We do not want this war. We seek peace. however, we have to confront Iran because of its consolidation in Syria, and Iran's nuclear weapons plan.

You, Mr.Khamenei, are a great opponent of Israel. On 15 December 2000, you called Israel a "cancerous tumor of a state" that "should be removed from the region". You keep on with your morbid and murderous rhetorics, claiming that there is no cure for Israel but its annihilation. Several official Iranian generals and leaders follow you.

I know that you love to read, that you love literature, that you have a special admiration for words. This is the reason I am writing you this letter. Being a writer myself, a Hebrew writer, I understand the power of words. Words can build and words can ruin. Words can make nations happy or miserable. Words can offend or heal.

The war between Israel and Iran has launched months ago and became visible this week. Both states are going to lose a lot during this war. Your economy collapse and your power over the Irani nation is lessening. The US cancellation of the nuclear treaty and the renewal of sanctions against your regime will make things only worse. Iranian people will lose their jobs and their most basic economic and personal security. Israel will have to go under a terrible time but will sustain.

Why don't you launch a surprising peace trip to Israel? I assure you, that the Israeli government and the Israeli nation will be happy to host you here. Once you will be here, and see with your own eyes the modernity and prosperity of Israel, you will understand that you can not beat us, but you can surely gain a lot for your people by signing peace with us. Imagine the economic shift Israel and its allies might bring to Iran, how much of your nation's capital will be free for the welfare of your nation, instead of financing terror and war worldwide. Can you see how warm relations between our countries might bring an amazing cooperation of high tech technology and agriculture, culture and science and many more fields?

We, Israelis, do not want to fight you. We will if we will have to. however, war is not our intent. We love peace, and we want to sustain it. I am a single gay father of twin boys. They are six years old now. Believe me, Mr. Khamenei, I wish they will not be soldiers at all. I want them to live peacefully, and I am sure your people want the same.

Drop your rhetoric, stop the war, come to Israel, and save your regime, and your people, from an unnecessary bloodshed, Amen.


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